Staying Ahead of the Curve

The standards for drying have changed, taking into account newfound knowledge about mold, mildew and its effects on the lungs and health of the homeowners. Flood Doctor uses a combination of tools and techniques:

  • temperature control of the room and environment
  • water evaporation
  • dehumidification and desiccant dryers
  • removal of standing water


But the best equipment has to be handled by a top-notch, well-trained pro and our team has been drilled and tested to handle our unique process:

  • every technician follows the special Flood Doctor process
  • we train, retrain, then put technicians and managers on an educational path to keep current certifications and learn the latest standards and practices across the industry
  • we do a full debrief of every job, so we can leverage data to see how the job met our standards and cross-reference it with other jobs in the area, region and state-wide
  • our follow-up is second to none because having a “Healthy Home” happens after we leave


Our knowledge is “there to share,” as we say, and communication with the homeowner (and the insurance carrier) is our best tool. We provide:

  • an accurate overview document, which outlines our step-by-step process
  • daily updates that the owner can understand
  • a full briefing for the insurance carrier, or local agent
  • documentation and discussion on an ongoing basis even after we leave the site