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What Steps Do I Need To Take After A Home Flood?

If you recently experienced a situation where floodwater had gotten into your house, taking action immediately to ensure damage is minimal is best. Here are some steps to follow if you are dealing with this scenario.

Contact A Restoration Service

It is best to let a water restoration service clean your home’s interior, especially if the flood is the result of a nearby water source overflow. Professionals will use high-powered pumping equipment to remove all moisture from your home. They will then dry the areas affected with commercial-grade fans. If drywall or carpeting became wet, these items will be removed and replaced so mold does not grow as a result of moisture. The service will then conduct a cleaning process of the structural areas affected by the flood to ensure mold growth does not occur.

Get Personal Items Out Of Water If Possible

As soon as a water damage service is contacted, grab any personal items that have a chance of being salvaged. This needs to be done while wearing appropriate clothing if bacteria is a concern. Plastic gloves and waders will protect the skin appropriately. Place any items you are trying to salvage in a dry location and consider using a fan to aid in removing any moisture left behind. All items will need to be wiped down with a cleaning solution made especially for the stopping of mold growth. It is best not to bother with trying to salvage food items, plastic kids’ toys, or paperwork.

Find An Area To Stay During Renovation Work

If floodwater is present in areas where bedrooms are located in the home, or if there is a worry about structural damage to the house, staying off-site is a must. You will be responsible for finding your own housing, even if you are a renter. Find a friend or loved one to stay with, if possible, or consider options such as a hotel, corporate housing, or a short-lease apartment rental. A restoration service will give those living in the home an estimated date that people can return to the abode.

Get A Hold Of Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company

If you have flood insurance, call your provider at the first signs of a problem. An adjuster will come to the home to do an assessment of the damage and will help in the expediting of compensation to pay for repair work that needs to be done. Some homeowner’s insurance policies will cover moisture damage, so it is best to contact your agent to find out if the flooding situation is covered if you do not have a separate flood insurance policy.