Water Damage To Your Driveway

How To Address Water Damage To Your Driveway

While your driveway is probably one of the things you use the most, it can also be the thing that you think about the least. Whenever you think about making home repairs, your driveway may not even cross your mind. Nevertheless, your driveway takes a pretty good beating not only from your vehicle but from other elements as well. If you notice cracks in your driveway, then the culprit is most likely a leak.

Identify the Problem

Of course, you must first know the source of the problem if you are going to fix it. Tracing pavement cracks to their source is a good first step towards discovering what’s creating them. The reason for the damage could be a busted water main or a leak that is coming from within the house. While a leak generating from inside of the house can be fixed fairly easily, a broken water main will need to be handled professionally in can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Determine the Damage Level

When assessing the damage done to your driveway, keep in mind that the wider the cracks are, the greater the damage is. Once the leak has been dealt with, you may be able to repair cracks yourself if they are small enough. However, if you have an excessive amount of cracks, then you may have to repave your driveway. But, if the cracks are plentiful and very deep, you should probably have a professional come out and perform a slab jacking. Anytime you are dealing with concrete repair, the work can get quite intricate and costly.

Prevent Future Issues

Because even the slightest cracks in your driveway can allow for water to seep in, staying on top of regular maintenance is essential. Having a protective coating applied to the pavement is a great way to help keep moisture out. Make sure that if you do come across any cracks or holes you patch them up quickly so that they don’t turn into bigger problems later on. Addressing any issues immediately, no matter how small you think they may be, can save you a world of headache, time, and money.

While it is easy to overlook something like your driveway especially if that is where you park your car, you must not neglect it. Although a small crack may seem like nothing just from looking at it, that crack is the cause of an issue that can be extremely devastating to your wallet if left untreated.

Keep us in mind if you if you have water-related damage to your home.