How to Prevent Fire Accidents

Fire is one of the key factors of human death than any other natural disasters combined. Even though creating fire has been the best invention of human civilization, every year, many people die of fire accidents in the home, workplace, or even from any other unexpected fire accident disasters.

In Canada, almost 24,000 houses burn due to fire accidents, and thousands of lives are lost. Preventing such a disaster has become the most common issues of recent times. This strong force of nature can be avoided with some knowledge of how to prevent fire accidents.

Know-How to Prevent Fire Accidents

Fire always sets up suddenly, and before you know it, everything around you burns to ashes. But, following some minor safety steps, anyone can prevent sudden fire accidents.

Securing any flammables outside

Be it workplace or home, any kind of chemicals or substances that are flammable must be kept outside. These things catch fire unexpectedly, no matter how much you take care of them and keep them away from fire sources. It is important to create a small space outside, free of any kind of bush or a fire source, where you can keep these flammables.

The gasoline cylinder is a very common flammable at home. Any household should have a separate space outside and keep the cylinders there as they are the most common reason for fire accidents. Besides, many flammables have fire sign on the label, which suggests that there should be a special place to keep them away from any fire source.

Having fire alarms and extinguishers

Households and workplaces must have more investments in fire alarms and updated fire extinguishers. These are the two things that help you in immediate response to fire accidents. There should be fire extinguishers and fire alarms on every floor.

Fire alarms act as signals to fire accidents and can save many lives. On the other hand, fire extinguishers with ABC rating can snuff out any kind of fire, giving enough time to get to safety.

Taking proper care of electrical systems

This is a significant and life-saving prevention step from fire accidents. At first, wires should be installed properly with no loss or faulty and expired wires. The overall wiring system of the building has to be maintained regularly to prevent unexpected sparks from erupting fire all of a sudden.

Checking the cables regularly at least once every 3 years can prevent pests and vermin from biting wires. Also, the electrical sockets must be examined now and then to prevent them from overheating.

Electrical cables are one of the main reasons for fire accidents. Faulty and worn out wires can cause fire accidents that can become unpreventable and take away many lives all at once.

Maintaining no-smoking policy

Smoking inside the house or office premise is another key factor of fire accidents. Many offices in Europe and America have maintained a no smoking policy inside the office. Preventing sudden fire eruption is possible when you take responsibility for not smoking in a public place or even at your bed in the home.

As smoking already causes a lot of untreatable health issues, it is highly recommended to shoot away from doing it to prevent fire accidents as well.

Reducing fuel burning

Burning fuels from wood burnings, cooking, heating oil, and coal-burning can release a high amount of Carbon Monoxide into the air, which is not only harmful to human health but also cause fire eruption.

So, households especially must opt-out of using too many gasoline-burning activities for cooking. Also, having a smoke detector at home can prevent toxic Carbon Monoxide and fuel burnings from remaining at a steady and acceptable level that can prevent sudden fire accidents.

Practicing safe habits

Finally, simple precautionary steps by oneself can prevent any kind of fire accidents from happening. People should be careful in using candles for birthdays or any celebration. Unattended candles can end up causing flammable items to burst into fire and cause accidents. Also, knowing the fire prevention drill and being educated about using extinguishers or knowing how to put out different types of fire is very important.

The knowledge not only saves you but also can be used to save other lives in the situation of fire accidents. Checking and rechecking every fire-related equipment at home is a very wise habit to prevent fire accidents from happening.

Fire Accident Prevention Equipment

There are many companies throughout the world that supply equipment specifically to prevent fire in reducing the damage.

Fire safety smoke detector

These highly used detectors are used to detect any kind of combustion activity from the very initial stage and alert people of fire accidents.

Automatic fire fighting system

Besides fire extinguisher, an automatic fire fighting system, which is mostly used in commercial and residential buildings, can prevent catastrophic accidents from fire. Intense and dangerous fire can be put out by this system by using it to form a complete wet riser system.

Canvas hose pipe

Canvas hose pipe is comprised of high-strength synthetic fiber, lined with rubber strips that give more flexibility and durability. Chemical and industrial mining is recommended to use this to prevent any massive fire from breaking and cause death and loss of property from the accident.

Wet riser

The wet riser system provides full protection from fire accidents and is installed with a hydrant system in such a way that water can rise to the full height of the building. They prevent a large amount of fire from breaking quickly. Having a wet riser installed can be costly but very profitable in saving lives and property from fire accidents.


Accidents are a cause of sudden misbehave and unexpected occurrences of mismanagement. While we can prevent fires from causing catastrophic accidents, it should always be mentioned that being prepared and maintaining a safety habit is very important in saving lives. These steps on how to prevent fire accidents mentioned, if followed properly, can prevent any household or workplace from preventing accidents from fire.