How to Fix a Water Damaged Swollen Wood Furniture

How to Fix a Water Damaged Swollen Wood Furniture

Whenever furniture comes in contact with water, it gets swollen or stained. Your furniture can also be cracked or warped by coming in contact with water. It is a very disgusting thing. However, it is not a matter of being worried.

There are several different ways you can repair your damaged furniture. Here, we will give you the most convenient way how to fix water damaged swollen wood furniture. We hope if you follow the instructions, you will easily be able to fix it.

How to fix a Water Damaged Swollen Wood Furniture Effectively

To err is human. Mistakes will happen inevitably. So, if damages are happened after taking all the precautions, then you follow these instructions which are given below:

Dry your furniture first

Firstly, you have to dry your furniture if it is still moist or wet. Because if your furniture is dry, you will not be able to apply the next steps.

If the weather is good, like sunny, you can dry by using sun rays. Let the furniture dry for 2 or 3hours. If it is not, you have to use some equipment for drying your furniture. You can use some heating appliances like a fan or air conditioner.

Make sure that the temperature of it does not get too high. By using these kinds of things, you can dry your damaged furniture for the next steps.

Remove mildew or stain

After drying, you have to try to clean the stains r mildew from your furniture.

Mix bleaching powder with water and saturate a fresh and soft cloth or brush in it. Try to clean your furniture with this cloth or brush. If not, then use sandpaper. Now your furniture is ready to be restored.

Put Furniture Oil

Oil protects wood and brings out wood’s natural beauty. There are many kinds of oil you will get in the market. For instance, Boiled Linseed Oil, Watco Danish Oil, Watco Teak Oil Finish, Osmo – Polyx, etc.

Before applying oil, make sure that the surface is entirely clean. Apply the oil with a fresh and soft cloth. Abrade the oil as much as wood can absorb. After finishing the application of oil, wipe the wood with a cloth.

Apply Moisturizer

After oiling the furniture, you have to apply moisturizer, which will give your furniture’s a shiny look. By using it, furniture’s water spot will also disappear and looks so much better than before.

You will get various types of moisturizer in online. Buy any of them and apply them as much as you need. Let the furniture dry after applying moisturizer. It will also protect your furniture from further damage. It will also give you water resistance.

Wood Finishing

It’s an essential part of fixing water damaged swollen wood furniture. After applying all these things when the surface is fully ready, then you have to apply the finishes. It’s a kind of protection which ensures the water-resistance of your furniture.

Moreover, it helps you to clean your furniture quickly as well as protection from bacteria breeding. Once you apply it, it turns you cheaper furniture-look into an expensive one.

Final Polish

It is the last step of how to fix water damaged swollen wood furniture. It gives you furniture the ultimate freshness. Saturate a fresh and soft cloth in wood polish and abrade it more and more. Rub it more and more at every inch of your furniture’s damaged area. Repeat it again and again. I think, at this time, you will not find any kind of stain, spot on your furniture.


Some precautions are here to prevent the damages during the repairing process.

  • Don’t place it in a heated or wet place because both are harmful to furniture. Keep your furniture out of the sun for a long period.
  • Try to shift the furniture as less as possible. Because at the time of shifting, damaging probability is enormous.
  • Try to use some wrappers like glass, cloth. You can use a table cloth, glass on the table to protect it from damages. Use these kinds of things which can protect your furniture.


Furniture is an indispensable material for your home and even your workplaces. You always need to take care of it. Above, we have tried to find the most accessible way how to fix water damages swollen wood furniture.

Don’t make it complicated. You can easily be able to repair your damaged swollen wooden furniture by following the given instructions. Thus, you will be able to turn your used, cracked, swollen wooden furniture into a new, shiny, and fresh one.

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