Fire Safety Tips in the Workplace Everyone Should Follow

Fire Safety Tips in the Workplace Everyone Should Follow

Fire is something that can break out from anywhere and cause catastrophic, particularly in large business buildings. Office fires are one of the worst-case scenarios in workplace accidents, and many large companies never really recover from such disaster.

So whether it is a small garage, corporate buildings, or large factories, having preventive fire safety protocols are vital. Every workplace has its fire safety measures that can differ from one another. But, some essential fire safety tips in the workplace should always follow to prevent fire accidents.

Fire Safety Tips in the Workplace to Make it Safe

It’s always best to be ready for any fire calamity beforehand, and these tips can help prevent fire breakouts in the workplace.

  • Installing a fire detection system is the first step that a workplace should take to prevent any outbreak of fire. In most cases, this is a legal requirement for a business. So every workplace must have fire detection systems with smoke detection and fire alarms.
  • Have a detailed and up-to-date easy to understand the emergency plan. This plan can include what the employees should avoid doing and what should be the immediate response to any small fire. The plan must also mention a suitable fire escape route and educate employees about all the fire escape and fire prevention drills.
  • Besides, the employees should be trained following the plan, i.e., the escape routes, how to use the fire extinguishers, assembly point, evacuation protocols, and how to save lives instead of running here and there and being stressed.
  • Along with all these, there can assigned personnel in charge of fire safety maintenance and promoting fire prevention plans. They are called fire wardens, and they work with employees in workplaces to implement fire prevention policies.
  • The emergency routes and exits should also be well lit, which Include lighting the doors, corridors, the change of direction and floor level, staircase. The fire-fighting equipment and alarms should also have clear indication with proper lighting to make sure that everyone can access it when there is smoke.
  • The workplace should also hold regular fire drills that educate and train employees about fire prevention plans. Regular drills can also include new and updated scenarios from where fire can break out. Educating employees and always keeping them on their toes is very important as daily habits can prevent fire more than any other step.
  • The workplace should also be clean and tidy all the time, especially places that are near the electrical circuit. There should be specific trash bins for different wastes in workplaces, especially like hospitals and factories. The debris should be kept away from any flammables.
  • One of the leading causes of workplace fire is the electrical system. The electrical wiring system should be kept clean, and no faulty wires should be followed. Offices must make sure that every workplace has a regular check-up system of the electrical wires. The site should be maintained with safe equipment that can prevent overheating and overflow of electricity.
  • Also, workplaces must make sure that the main electrical panel is at a safe distance and can be turned on and off immediately in a situation of emergency. Make sure everyone can access the panel, and professionals regularly inspect the electric panels and the circuit boards at least once a month. There should not be any overloaded plug socket, and electrical cords, and any kind of cable wires should not be run under rugs or carpets.
  • Workplaces like factories and laboratories that closely work with chemicals should strictly maintain fire safety tips. They are the most in danger of fire breakouts. Flammable chemicals in these workplaces must be kept within sealed and labeled compartments that will only be accessible in times of use. While using them, workers should be conscientious.
  • Besides, factories and laboratories should maintain fire safety prevention protocols more strongly than other workplaces. For example, these workplaces can ensure workers are always protected, and there is an extra set of protection around the wires. Evacuation and escape plans should also be made with more determination and precise strategy.
  • Furthermore, in factories and laboratories with a high amount of flammables, the ignition possibility due to the flammable liquid vapor or fine particles is very high. So, no sparking tools should be used around them, and there should be strict, no smoking policy.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher available on every floor of the office. There are five different types of fire extinguishers. It is imperative to know all about them and learn how to use them. It is also essential to know which extinguisher is used in what scenario and teach every employer about using them. The way to use a fire extinguisher is PASS (Pulling the pin, Aiming low, Squeezing slowly, and Sweeping the nozzle).
  • Make proper use of fire safety equipment like fire safety smoke detectors, automatic fire fighting system, canvas hose pipe, wet riser, and others. These equipment are convenient in setting out the fire without delay and perfectly suitable for workplace safety.
  • Always keep firefighters on the emergency dial and make sure you have a sound mind to decide to call them in case of any kind of fire. Even a small fire can generate to become extreme in the future
  • Finally, practice a sound habit of being safe and careful in workplaces by following everyday common safety habits. Make sure there is a strict no-smoking policy inside the workplace. Although some states allow smoking inside the office in a maximum of 10 people inside the room, the practice should be avoided, and no public places should be a place to smoke cigarettes.


As it is always said that prevention is better than cure, every workplace should make sure that the preventive measures taken against fire are the highest priority. A safe workplace is crucial, and keeping the workplace safe from fire hazards is the responsibility of every worker inside the workplace. Everyone should remember to ACT (Assess the situation, Choose response and Take action) in times of fire rather than getting panicked. The best way to ensure that is by promoting and implementing the fire safety tips in the workplace.