The District knows

who to call when flooding happens


Flood Doctor is Washington DC’s most trusted name for home and business owners, who need water damage mitigation. We get there fast, stop the damage, restore and renovate.  We work directly for you, and we make sure local homeowners get the service they need, when they need it.  For business owners in DC, and government facilities, we’re full-service, online and on time with full service water damage repair and restoration.

From the Smithsonian to the Potomac, we know that the heritage of this town requires special consideration.  With many high rises, apartments and government buildings, Flood Doctor’s attention to detail helps families in DC when flooding happens. Folks here like companies that respond quickly, arrive with educated, trained professionals, and bring problem-solving skills.

The reason we’re popular in the District is simple: we’re nice enough to know the locals, but specially trained and certified to understand how to bring the best technology to the situation.

If you are located in Washington DC and your home or business has recently suffered a fire or flood loss give us a call. Our trained technicians will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For a complete list of water damage repair services offered to our Washington DC clients please visit our Services Section.