Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair services

Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services in Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC.

Modern construction techniques protect homes against many hazards. Thanks to these techniques, a home can more easily withstand high winds or dramatic rainfall. Construction contractors also use more fire-resistant materials than ever before. However, many homes can sustain permanent damage if they flood. Contact Flood Doctor for all your Water Damage Repair needs.

A flooded basement or crawlspace could occur for a few reasons. A pipe could break, a dishwasher or washing machine water source could rupture, or the sewer could back up. Fortunately, you have an expert to call on when these disasters occur. Contact the Flood Doctor today for thorough water damage repair. We proudly service Vienna, VA as well as Washington, DC and the surrounding areas.

Act Fast to Protect Your Home From Water Damage

A wet basement spells trouble for homeowners because the water saturates the building materials it touches. The water molecules react with fabric, wood, drywall, and metal and lead to disintegration, oxidation, and mold growth. However, if you act quickly and contact a professional to deal with the flooding, you can restore your home to the way it was before.

Flood Doctor can repair your home’s water damage using the following steps:

  • Locate and repair the source of the flood.
  • Remove any remaining standing water (Water Extraction).
  • Survey the area and create a full scope of work.
  • Dehumidify the affected areas.
  • Use high-tech thermal imaging cameras to detect and measure any remaining moisture.
  • Locate hidden moisture behind carpet, drywall, and flooring.
  • Determine which structural elements need replacement or repair.
  • Find final moisture content and psychrometric readings.
  • Determine and recommend strategies to prevent future flooding.

Take a look at how we handle our water damage restoration jobs here: Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Why Call Flood Doctor for Water and Flood Damage Repairs?

We respond and work quickly – Depending on the extent of the damage, Flood Doctor professionals may be able to clean up water damage in your home in as little as three days.

We’re experienced – After 20 years in the Water Damage Flood Damage Restoration business and thousands of Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC properties restored, we know how to handle your water damage cleanup emergency.

We help with your insurance claim – Working with insurance companies while recovering from water damage or flood damage is stressful. We can work with your insurance company to settle claims quickly.

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