Document Recovery

Document Recovery after a Flood or Fire

Having your documents and valuable papers damaged by water or smoke can be overwhelming.  The key to effective document restoration is having a reliable source to help you rebound from such a loss.  Our trained personnel will advise you on the critical first steps that must be taken to mitigate further damage to your documents. We will then work closely with you to organize and prioritize the documents that can be restored or re-produced.

Flooding can tear the heart out of your records, at least it seems that way.  Flood Doctor knows that all is not always lost. We have methods to dry out those documents and our recovery techniques will “wow” you.

Our technicians know how to return those precious items to pre-flood condition using some of the scientific processes that are unique to Flood Doctor.  Not many companies our size take the time and invest the money to train on document recovery, because it’s costly and the national standards are stringent.  We do, because we know how important the service can be whether it’s a document of historical significance, or simply your child’s papers from kindergarten.  It’s all important to you; so it’s all important to us.