Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Wet Carpets after a Flood

Don’t worry, we know the difference between carpets that need to be replaced and those that can be safely dried. We are also experts on sub-floors and how they work with the foundation. Our advanced technology can dry it all. If it’s a flood that carries in mud, that’s one scenario, but if it’s your dishwasher overflowing, or a hose on the washing machine that burst (65% of homeowner claims are just that), then we can get in, get it cleaned and get you back to where you need to be … fast.

If the carpet is ruined or needs to be replaced, we handle that, too.

Take a look at Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Why Call Flood Doctor for Water and Flood Damage Repairs?

We respond and work quickly – Depending on the extent of the damage, Flood Doctor professionals may be able to clean up water damage in your home in as little as three days.

We’re experienced – After 20 years in the Water Damage Flood Damage Restoration business and thousands of Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC properties restored, we know how to handle your water damage cleanup emergency.

We help with your insurance claim – Working with insurance companies while recovering from water damage or flood damage is stressful. We can work with your insurance company to settle claims quickly.

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