Flood Damage Restoration Projects

washington circle

3 Washington Circle | Condos & Offices

$350,000 Water loss – Travelers Insurance Co.

A pipe break on the top floor of the building caused water damage to 80% of the units. End result: Twelve residential units and eight offices were severely damaged by water.

Within a four month period, Flood Doctor performed comprehensive restorations on all units including full kitchen and bath replacements, drywall throughout, all interior finishes and prefab fireplaces. The other common areas required drywall repair, extensive cleaning and painting, and floor covering replacements and wallpaper.



Dupont Cir. Washington DC | Spa

$450,000 Sewage loss – Travelers Insurance Co.

Due to multiple construction mishaps on the top floors of this building, this modern spa located in the basement level of the building was affected with several sewage back-ups over the course of 3 months.

Flood Doctor was called in every time to mitigate damages and restore the spa back to its original conditions. Due to the fact that the facilities were health care related a sewage loss was extremely dangerous to staff and patients. Extra care and precaution were taken to not only restore the property back to looking like pre-loss conditions but also cleaning in such a way that no traces of bacteria were left.

In such cases, a third-party testing company is called into both do pre and post mitigation air and culture sampling and also write a full protocol on specialty cleaning.



1515 Ashland Ave. Baltimore MD | Church

$1,000,000 Sewage loss – Travelers Insurance Co. Major Case Unit.

After a major storm, the city of baltimore main sewage lines backed up into this building filling the basement with 9 feet of category 3 water. The entire 6,000 sqft basement, which also served as a cafeteria with a full resturant style kitchen, was demolished and rebuilt.

All mechanical, electrical and metal framing of the basement were also replaced. Drywall and drop ceilings were replaced and painted. Four thousand sqft of vct tile and two thousand sqft of ceramic tile were installed.

In addition to replacement and installation of all kitchen equipment, all bathrooms, elevator, and kitchen were brought up to ADA codes.


cabin night club

The Gryphon | Resturant & Lounge

$800,000 Water loss – CHUBB Insurance Co.

A pipe break due to an old water line caused water damage to most of this newly built restaurant.

The Gryphon was newly built and had only opened its doors to the public two weeks prior to this disaster. Flood Doctor was hired to mitigate all damages to the building and get the resturant back to doing business as soon as possible. A crew of 40 certified WRT technicians worked around the clock, 24 hours a day 7 days a week to get the project done. The Gryphon had to be completly stripped down to the framing and rebuilt from scratch in only 40 days. We are proud to say that due to the hard work of our employees and subcontractor the dead line was met!


kabin night club

Kabin | Night Club

$80,000 Water loss – CHUBB Insurance Co.

During the construction of this much anticipated night club; a ruptured water line flooded the entire property.

Flood Doctor was hired to mitigate damages and get this new hot spot back to making money as soon as possible. Using state of the art structural drying technics we were able to properly dry and salvage 90% of all affected materials. The Kabin was back to business as usual in only 16 days.


George Mason University – Fairfax Campus

$300,000 Water loss

After a particularly cold winter frozen pipes ruptured and flooded the dormitories at GMU. Flood Doctor was called out to mitigate the damages to 18 separate units.  The students were back in their dorm rooms in less then a week.



Dirksen Senate Office Building

When several offices at the Dirksen building flooded, Flood Doctor was the company the nations senators turned to for immediate response.  Flood Doctor has been proudly serving the nations capital since 1999.  We have mitigated flood damages from the Capitol building to the smaller surrounding office buildings.


Fort Belvoir Community Hospital

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital

Flood Doctor was hired to mitigate damages to over 60,000 square feet of the facility after a waste water line flooded the entire basement of the hospital.  Due to the class and category of loss many precautions had to be taken and extensive testing was preformed throughout the process to make sure no contaminants remained.



Parker Flat Apartments -Washington DC

$619,000 Freeze loss – Nation Wide Insurance 

In February on 2015 Washington DC was hit with an extreme cold front.  The sprinkler system at the Parker Flats apartments froze and ruptured on the 4th floor of the building; flooding 22 units in total.  Flood Doctor was called out by Delbe Property Management to mitigate and restore the units.  Flood Doctor mitigated and rebuilt 22 units and the common areas of the building in a total of 65 days.