Insurance Claims

Flood Damage Insurance Claims

Part of our friendly service is streamlining the interaction with your insurance company. Flood Doctor has handled thousands of Flood Damage Insurance Claims over the past 20 years. We know what the carriers want and need in terms of communication, documentation, and authorization. Our standard operating procedure was tailored and perfected over the years with the insurance companies and their claims process in mind.

Disasters sometime leave homeowners tired and stressed. Our friendly technicians are used to working with insurance adjusters on a daily basis. We know what they need documented and when they need it. This helps make sure your claim is covered in full.

However, we are not public adjusters. We always recommend that our large loss clients consult a licensed public adjuster to help them navigate the sometimes stressful claims process. We have been working with public adjusters in the area for over 15 years and would be happy to give you a recommendation if and when you need one.

Why choose Flood Doctor

Unlike some of our competitors, we work directly for our clients. When your insurance company sends out one of their vendors, that company is not working for you, the property owner, they are hired and paid by your carrier. Thus giving them incentive to preform the job as “cost effective” as possible.

This translates to cutting corners and salvaging materials that should be replaced. Most of the time wet carpets can be saved after a clean water loss; however, if the backing is starting to separate from the top we always recommend replacement. Our clients are consulted in every aspect of their loss and given full control over how their property should be restored; without insurance company interference. This leaves our clients satisfied with the final results 100% of the time.

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Since Flood Doctor uses the same industry standard invoicing software, Xactimate, as the insurance company vendors, we make sure that the claims we handle are priced and invoiced at the same rates.