Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Experts

It is not uncommon for hidden moisture to go undetected.  When water damage is improperly mitigated, the conditions for the hazardous cultivation of mold growth might occur.  Microbial growth causes structural damage and poses serious risks to occupants.  Symptoms such as headaches and serious respiratory issues could occur.

We have the most highly trained microbial remediation specialists who carefully handle contaminated environments though the avoidance of cross contamination of unaffected areas.  We pride ourselves as being one of the nations leading microbial mitigation experts and here’s how we do it:

Flood Doctor’s phases of mold remediation are as follows:

  • Develop the scope of work and identify critical contaminant barriers.
  • Mold, Environmental remediation
  • Decontamination of all affected content and HVAC systems
  • Dehumidification and the elimination of odors from remaining materials
  • Completion of reconstruction