Dehumidification Process

Effective water damage restoration begins with proper drying and dehumidification techniques.  Dehumidification removes moisture from affected areas reducing damage to property and contents.  Our dehumidification technology dries out rooms quickly to eliminate odors and stop mold from forming.  Flood Doctor certified technicians will be on site within hours of notification to begin the drying process that will reduce damage to your facility and lower the overall cost of restoration.

Drying is more than mopping up.  Flood Doctor has the right equipment for the right needs but also has the experts that know what works best … and when.  We use the right technology and measuring devices to ensure the fastest possible drying time.

Every moment that a floor or wall remains wet accelerates the possibility of mold growth.  We use the highest national standards and do repeated ongoing moisture measurements as part of our process.

Flood Doctor is one of the few local firms to collect data throughout the process.  It’s called managing the cleanup, not just “set and forget” dehumidifiers.  Our process ensures success.

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